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Orchid is Open Source

All of Orchid's code is Open Source and freely available to download on GitHub. Use of Orchid's source code is governed by the AGPL copyleft Open Source license.

The Orchid team develops code "in the open" by continually pushing changes that anyone can see on GitHub and tagging releases as appropriate. Orchid's repository uses the continuous integration feature from GitHub, making it easy for developers to fork our repo, make changes, and then get binaries back without having to compile locally. Lastly, our builds are reproducible, so anyone can produce builds from the source and verify they are the same builds we release.

We invite all developers and any curious parties to explore Orchid's code.

Where to get OXT

If you see OXT being traded on an exchange that isn’t listed here, please use the contact form to let us know, so that it can be added to our list.

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OXT Contract on Ethereum


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